twenty years of creativity

Explore twenty years of creativity and Scandinavian design

For twenty years, we've been inspired by the creativity around us. We've shared our passion for Scandinavian design, sustainability and beauty in collections, stores and homes all over the world.

Discover how we interpret creativity and how it's expressed in everything we do. From sustainable choices to the development of design collections.


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Beautiful Scandinavian design

We're celebrating twenty years of creativity and design here on and in all our stores and showrooms. Here you can delve into our special offers on beautiful Scandinavian design.

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The next 20 years

We believe that creativity unleashes your potential and happiness. That's why we've created a very special podcast series about the future. In 8 different episodes, you can meet a number of famous and inspiring people as they explore the future under the theme ‘The next 20 years’. They'll be shedding light on various topics such as sexuality, gastronomy, working life and art, and will share their ideas about the future over the next 20 years.

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Find inspiration in our beautiful and inspiring table settings, which focus on simple effects and design series to unleash your creativity. For example, you can have the Arcs or Forma tableware series delivered within just 3-7 working days to all European countries.

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Experience our sofa guide, which guides you through the creative decisions behind choosing a new sofa and helps you design the perfect one for you.

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Bolia Professional

We've created a collection of beautiful designs that have all been tested for professional use. See the collection and our professional universe right here. We'd also love to help you if you're interested in being a dealer or have a new exciting project, you'd like to share with us.

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Every single Bolia space has something special to offer. A tranquil oasis that invites you on a journey of inspiration and beautiful design environments. Experience the creativity and unique offers in your local store.

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We're always ready to help you and answer any questions. Whether it's by phone, in the store or by e-mail.

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Design Atelier is a creative space that offers inspiration for your interior design and choice of materials. It's a visual guideline with 9 different looks. All inspired by the vibrant Scandinavian seasons.

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