An elegant fusion

An elegant fusion

Behind every design is a stylistic guide, a sustainable starting point and a creative mind that expresses its version and interpretation of New Scandinavian Design in its own words. Every single design in our new collection presents a creative reinterpretation of Scandinavian aesthetics, inspired by nature's tranquil and authentic atmosphere. Like Apelle.


Apelle is a harmonious fusion of design traditions and new ideas. The simple curves conceal technical details that make the chair remarkable in a subtle and understated way. A timeless icon in all its discreet splendour.

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Apelle is designed by the Italian designer, Busetti Garuti Radaelli, with beautiful and distinctive aesthetics and a design constructed from extraordinary craftsmanship. The dining room chair is designed from natural materials such as full grain leather and solid FSC-certified oak or ash, with clear references to the Scandinavian design tradition. A design that channels its Scandinavian simplicity in a harmonious new interpretation; uniting function, format and aesthetics in an effortless and elegant way. Apelle is made to outlast trends and generations.


”The technical details and know-how are concealed within the chair's structural simplicity, giving the design the opportunity to maintain a subtle elegance that is first truly apparent when you come up close. Like the meeting between the leather and wood materials, which are combined in an aesthetically alluring yet infinitely functional solution.”


Every single design in the series is made of solid, FSC-certified wood, which is presented in a simple and timeless profile, uncluttered comfortable curves and quality craftsmanship.

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