How to take good care of your laminate

How to take good care of your laminate

In Bolia, we work with HPL, high-pressure laminate, and with FENIX NTM®, nanolaminate, from the Italian company Arpa Industriale. Each piece is handpicked and carefully selected to meet the highest standards. Explore a short step-by-step-guide on how to care for your laminate furniture.


The kit includes a laminate cleaner developed for our specific type of laminate and will enhance the natural durable qualities that laminate holds.

Grab it from your kit and shake it properly. Then apply the product to the laminate surface from a distance of approximately 20 cm, making sure you coat every inch evenly and in a thin layer.

Rub or polish the product off with a lint-free cloth or soft sponge. This will leave the surface nice and clean, and equipped for many more hours of great company and dinner talks.


    • Continually care

      Repeat treatment when needed. It varies depending on how much you use your laminate furniture. If you use it every day, refreshes may be more frequent than if it’s just a sidekick in your décor.

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