Living room

The living room provides the framework for everyday life, the weekend and everything else in-between. This is where you can relax and find inspiration for your next great adventure. As a well-deserved rest in a classic armchair, or an aesthetic side table that's perfect for parking your coffee cup or wine glass.

All living room designs are made from sustainable and durable materials, all based around a Scandinavian starting point creatively interpreted by international designers and customised to meet your dreams.


Handmade and delivered within 2-5 weeks

We know that the wait might seem long, but we deliver as quickly as we can, and often we can hand make your new furniture and deliver it within 2-5 weeks. Isn't that worth waiting for?

Did you know that our beautiful Bergo fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles?

Leather with a clean conscience

All our leather materials are produced without the use of PCP or CFC and impregnated without use of fluorine-carbon and water-based impregnation fluid.