New sustainable upholstery fabrics

Our collection is inspired by nature, created for contemplation and to offer a tranquil breathing space. That's why the colours are so calm and the furniture fabrics are so invitingly soft and sustainable. Discover them all here.

Monza is an OEKO-TEX certified fabric with a strong boucle tactility made from a mixture of natural and durable patterns like cotton and wool. A luxurious fabric with a strong and structured touch and expression stressed by the boucle texture where small nooses are combined to give that distinctive contour and feel. With Martindale of 80.000 and an excellent 7 on a scale from 2-8 in light fastness, Monza is sure to hold its form, colour and format for many years to come.

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Taken from the Latin language, Linea means line, reflecting the beautiful and distinctive exterior of this fabric. A fabric inspired by the corduroy-feel, Linea is both elegant and playful. With an incredibly soft tactility and extremely durable quality, exemplified in a Martindale value of 100.000, this fabric offers something truly spectacular. Linea is certified OEKO-TEX certified guaranteeing no hazardous chemicals are used.

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Sira is a soft and comforting fabric made from 100% recycled cotton making it a natural, beautiful and sustainable choice. No new raw materials have been used, and the production is solely sponsored by solar or wind energy. Sira has a bold structure, yet incredibly soft feel. The heavy texture is complemented by the inviting touch that makes Sira a beautiful fabric – and even one of our most sustainable fabrics available.

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Vella is a New Zealand sheepskin of the highest quality and is both soft and natural. As Vella is a natural material, some variations may occur in its appearance. This is just a natural characteristic that distinguishes genuine sheepskin, like Vella, from other artificial types.

Sydney Traceable

Sydney is an exclusive traceable leather from Australia with an elegant and soft touch. The tactility is incredibly soft while still holding a timeless feel. A breathable aniline leather with great qualities and durable traits. The surface structure is soft yet with a mat feel and invites your fingers to explore. A high-quality leather that due to its natural characters is light sensitive and can change colour if placed in direct sunlight, but cared for correctly, will become even more beautiful over the years.