All of our leather variants are 100% traceable, from free-range cattle and produced without the use of chromium or hazardous chemicals. This means that we can trace the journey all the way from the producer to your living room and ensure the quality of every single piece. Our skilled manufacturers also test and quality check every piece of leather meticulously to ensure both uniformity and quality. This way we can ensure that our leather lives up to our high standards of quality, sustainability and authenticity.

Sydney is an exclusive traceable leather from Australia with an elegant and soft touch. The tactility is incredibly soft while still holding a timeless feel. A breathable aniline leather with great qualities and durable traits. The surface structure is soft yet with a mat feel and invites your fingers to explore. A high-quality leather that due to its natural characters is light sensitive and can change colour if placed in direct sunlight, but cared for correctly, will become even more beautiful over the years.

Light fastness: 3-4

Quality leather from European cattle. Quattro Tracable leather is 100% traceable and tanned without the use of chrome. The leather is lightly surface-treated and dyed naturally, which ensures leather keeps its appearance and colour. The surface treatment also makes Quattro less susceptible to abrasion and dirt.



Version: Surface-treated leather

Light fastness: 4-5

An exclusive, solid leather that's 100% traceable, with a soft and smooth surface of the highest quality. The leather is breathable with a soft and supple surface. Austin is not surface treated and is therefore also more sensitive to light than other covers. Among other things, this means that Austin will change colour depending on the amount of light, and that's why we always recommend you carefully consider where you plan to place your furniture before choosing upholstery.



Version: aniline

Light fastness: 3



Leather is generally more sensitive to light and heat than other upholstery fabrics. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep leather furniture away from windows, wood burning stoves, radiators, etc. We recommend Bolia Leather Creme, which is specially manufactured to give our leather variants the best conditions for maintaining the natural glow and elasticity of the leather.

Read more about caring for leather here

Martindale, pilling and light fastness

Martindale, pilling and light fastness inform you about a fabric's durability. We use them to make it easy for you to see which is the right kind of furniture upholstery for you and your needs.


measures the abrasion resistance of a fabric and ranges from 10,000-120,000, with 120,000 being the highest abrasion resistance. As a rule of thumb, the abrasion resistance for hard wear should be above 20,000, but in daily use an abrasion resistance of up to 10,000 is more than enough. The abrasion resistance of our selected upholstery fabrics ranges from 20,000 and up to 120,000 martindale. Substances with a martindale above 80,000 are suitable for using in public places, such as airports, lobbies and suchlike.


is the term for the small balls of fabric that form on the surface of a fabric as a result of friction and which give the fabric a slightly furry appearance. There will always be some natural pilling at the beginning until the excess fibres have gone. Pilling is evaluated on a scale of 1-5, indicating the risk of pilling or loose fibres. 5 is best and our furniture upholsteries are always at least 3.
The fastest and cheapest way to remove pilling is by using a small electric razor designed for this purpose. A pilling comb is also effective and can help just as much as a razor.

Light fastness

describes a cover's ability to withstand sunlight. Nylon and cotton usually have a low light fastness, while wool, acrylic and polyester have a higher light fastness. The scale is a doubling scale, which ranges from 1-8, where 8 is highest and best. The higher the light fastness, the better the cover is at withstanding sunlight without losing colour. However, it is generally a good idea to keep furniture away from direct sunlight. Some covers will fade faster than others, indicated by the light fastness. We recommend that you don't choose a cover with a light fastness below 3. Synthetic fibres also have a higher light fastness than, for example, natural fibres.