Welcome to a world of design

Welcome to a world of design. A world inspired by the vivid Scandinavian nature inviting you to slow down and experience beautiful designs - all crafted, tailored and perfected by hand.

Every Bolia space is a calming little sanctuary for you to feel at home in. So just come on in and feel free to close the door to the fast-paced world behind you. Nature serves as main source of inspiration, and we’re continually creating small breathing spaces and green sceneries that foster creativity, calmness and serenity. All in small beautiful hubs, that we call stores. We invite you to explore, discover and experience our world of design for yourself in your own pace, in your own city. Each Bolia space is a subtle homage to the culture, the origin of the building and the beautiful surroundings they live in. And every city has a story to tell.

With muted colours, soft textures and nature’s honest materials serving as the backdrop of our universe, and you are invited to take a stroll in our green room settings, to settle down with a cup of freshly brewed organic coffee, to seek silence and bring your natural habitat to a peaceful standstill. At least for a moment.

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Design Atelier

When walking through the store, you will find the Design Atelier – a creative space that lets you discover and explore different moods, inspirations and opportunities. And with curated moods and personal guidance, we will help you navigate through the myriad of choices, so you can customise and create your own silent retreat. All catered for and to your needs with guidance on colour-schemes, tailor-made designs and sustainable choices. The Design Atelier is your creative playground where we invite you to become the architect of your own story – and home.

Explore the different moods

All our stores in Europe have individually appointed interiors with respect for their environment, as homage to the city they are in, along with the architectural heritage and history of the building. Take a look at a few of our stores, their unique locations and the stories they all have to tell here.

    • Bolia Vienna

      In the beautiful, historic city of Vienna, in the heart of the exclusive banking district, where building facades are adorned with inspiring and impressive architecture, is one of our Austrian stores. Since it was built in 1878, the building has always been used as a café on two floors, but has now been fully renovated to recreate a Scandinavian oasis. Today, every centimetre of the 450 m2 building is used to tell an inspiring Scandinavian design story – and just like when a café resided, we still offer a cup of coffee whenever you visit us.

    • Bolia Munich

      Bolia Munich is located in the cultural and historical district, housed in a building that used to be the old stock exchange. Marble columns contribute to creating the unique atmosphere that characterised the stock exchange. Today, the atmosphere is brightened by the Scandinavian aesthetic, which draws inspiration from the Nordic nature and a subdued colour palette to welcome visitors inside a world of Scandinavian design. The whole store is brimming with culture, history and traditions, and beckons you to explore the 550 m2 two-floor Scandinavian oasis.

    • Bolia Oslo

      One of our largest stores is located in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, beautifully situated alongside the historical figure on Henrik Ibsens Gate – a Norwegian writer, whose stories are still creating ripples. As does our Bolia store, which has 900 m2 of inspiring and creative possibilities waiting for you to explore. Our Scandinavian universe is spread over two floors and the atmosphere is very influenced by its Nordic surroundings, where historical and contemporary elements go hand in hand.

    • Bolia Copenhagen

      In Copenhagen, the capital of our home country, our flagship store resides. Located in the near distance of the King’s Garden – the eldest Royal garden in Denmark – and placed in a five-story red-brick corner building, the store is nothing short of a visit worthy.

    • Bolia Paris

      Our beautiful store in Paris is placed on the exclusive and historic Boulevard Saint-Germain, unfolding across three different levels. Each level gives you an experience out of the ordinary treating all senses from electronic sound to organic coffee.

    • Bolia Brussels

      You'll find our largest concept store in Belgium, situated in a beautiful and central location in Brussels. Located along the charming and elegant Avenue Louise, which exudes a modern and luxurious atmosphere, and where international brands create an exclusive setting, is our 600 m2 universe of Scandinavian inspiration.

    • Bolia Antwerp

      In the midst of an alternative oasis lies one of the most culturally experimental neighbourhoods in Antwerp, and that's where you'll find our Bolia concept store too. The area is particularly known for its vibrant urban environment, where design shops and high-end fashion brands fill the street scene. Our store is spread over three floors, where the third floor hides a little surprise for adventurers with a penchant for new Scandinavian design.

    • Bolia Berlin Mitte

      In the 1930s, the building was home to an exclusive brothel, where heavy, draped curtains created a discreet backdrop. The brothel was later turned into a locally known bakery – and today Scandinavian design and clean silhouettes adorn the facades and walls. The building serves as a vibrant and historic home for our Berlin Mitte store, beautifully located in a neighbourhood that is both sophisticated and urban, where different cultures, stories, and traditions meet. The busy city life, brimming with architecture, food, design and culture, creates a vibrant setting for our shop, which invites customers inside to enjoy a world of Scandinavian design.

    • Bolia Malmö

      On the historic Stortorget square in Malmö, alongside preserved architecture, modern lifestyle shops and lively restaurants, our store is spread over 720 m2. Inside the store, our Scandinavian design is merged with respect for the area's architecture, traditions and history. The building has been fully restored and refurbished and is designed to appeal to all your senses at once – from the electronic tones pulsating from the speakers to the organic coffee you can enjoy in one of our many sofas.

    • Bolia The Hague

      Nestled among art galleries, fashion shops, a vibrant café scene and Michelin-worthy restaurants, you'll find our concept store in The Hague. Beautifully located in the old town with the Dutch royal family's squares within walking distance, our three-floor design shop proudly stands in the middle of the famous shopping area, Noordeinde. Housed in an old building, full of history and well-preserved structures, new Scandinavian design is merged with the authentic atmosphere of local history.

    • Bolia Gent

      Our Ghent store is placed in the iconic 700-year-old church honouring the history and traditional structure and settings of the original building, whilst taking you on an unforgettable tour through culture, history and Scandinavian design heritage leaving you in complete awe.

    • Bolia Amsterdam

      In the heart of vibrant, lively Amsterdam, centrally located on Utrechtsstraat, you will find one of our two stores in the city. Situated in the quiet and rather grand residential area and in the heart of Grachtengordel, where specialty shops with a great passion for their craft and profession have made their home. The whole area is brimming with excellent service and big personalities, which make both Bolia's concept store and a stroll past the neighbouring shops well worth a visit. Our concept store is spread over two floors, covering 300 m2 of space for enjoying creative exploration.