A beautiful backdrop

A beautiful backdrop

We invite talented, upcoming, aspiring and established DJ’s to tell their unique stories and sound universe, with our sofas serving as the comfortable backdrop. Presented in selected Sofa Sessions, where we invite you to join, to settle and slow down, unwind and get carried away with a distinct sound that these beautiful, creative minds all share. Equally intriguing, soothing and with a different voice. Here you can listen to and learn more about the ever-talented, DJ Iness.


DJ Iness is a pure artist with a strong passion for the music – straight from the heart. She’s originally from Riga but has been living and working from the South of France and is now based in the Western part of Jutland, Denmark. She’s a DJ novice, but one of the most talented out there, showing great international promise and potential, already showing her skills at successful gigs in both Monaco, France, Germany and Denmark. And many more to come.


DJ Iness brings her heartful vibes out with her podcast Essens. A funky, jazzy and soulful house and lounge concept brought to the next level. Essens is a style of DJ’ing, of compiling songs in high-quality, and a way to channel feelings through music to the heart and soul. Essens is in that sense a musical artwork where style, excellence, love and well cared sounds give the podcast a distinct expression.

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