A shining example of sustainability

A shining example of sustainability

Imagine a sofa, so sustainable that it could last forever. A sofa transcending time and taste, and not indulging in fleeting tendencies. A sofa with the humbling mission to outlive generations, changing seasons and alternating needs.


Starting as a passionate design experiment, the Recover sofa came to life. With sustainability thought into every single detail, the design duo Glismand and Rüdiger not only created a new beautiful sofa, but also a new way of thinking and a new way of designing.

All components are recycled, from the beautiful FSC-certified wood, the soft upholstery, the surplus foam, the fibres and even the inner layers. It’s all about getting the most out of the materials – without compromising on the aesthetics of the design.

The sofa is built up by very few modules that can be combined in a number of ways breathing new life to recycled materials. Also, the modular flexibility enables you to extend the sofa to suit your needs and dreams – however they evolve. The cover is changeable, so that colours and textures can create new and beautiful expressions in your home through the years.


The various design opportunities and the durable materials create a sofa that can live on forever. And to us, that’s sustainability in its purest form. To design something long-lasting from honest materials with a clean and clear-cut aesthetic.

The Recover sofa is a shining example of this and is the living embodiment of our design philosophy. It’s not just about creating beautiful designs. That’s a preconception and a natural given. It’s about making something that will last for generations. Something so beautiful and timeless it can travel boarders, cultures and countries and still be recognised as an icon. And that is the epitome of Recover.

A beautiful design created by hand from recycled quality-materials and with an almost endless flexibility and lifetime. 


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