You liberated free thinkers of home creation. You who dedicate your hearts and souls to the way you live. To you, who let your creativity thrive and dive head first into everything that is possible. You who set your imaginations free. You who make and create and build. You who take all that you are and let it become home. You the unafraid, the unique, the inspirational.

Tailor made for you

Our designs are made for the picky, the choosy, the ones who know what they want and how they want it. Available in a million ways, and in that one special way that fits you. Only you. You can choose the model, size, cover, colour and material, and combine these features to bring your identity into our designs. We handmake it all for you using our finest materials and a big scoop of love.

Did you know that you can use our material care products to extend the lifetime of both your old and new furniture at home?

Handmade quality

The majority of our furniture is handmade and produced in Europe, and is designed by an international design team. All our furniture is produced with focus on quality and good environmental and production conditions.

Did you know that sustainability is the starting point for everything we do - all the way from the materials, packaging, transportation and to the final piece?