Dining tables

In our new collection, every single dining room design is handcrafted from the finest, purest materials such as FSC-certified wood, and designed using equal parts of traditional and innovative craftsmanship. Each and every design tells a beautiful, breathtaking story of quality and craftsmanship and offers an eye-catching aesthetic that brings time to a standstill. Even if it's just for a few fleeting moments.

Alp Dining Table: Designed by Ramos Bassols

Alp is designed by the Spanish design duo, Ramos Bassols, and is an exclusive series of dining tables and benches. The designers wanted to bring notice to subtility allowing the stringent and graphic lines to take centre stage and offer the viewer an almost picturesque outset

Nord Dining Table: Designed by Glismand & RĂ¼diger

Nord consists of beautiful dining tables and benches in two different lengths and is a rather unusual combination of craftsmanship and top-quality materials that are characterised by the distinctive mortise-and-tenon joints that connect the leg corners together.

Yacht Dining Table: Designed by Glismand & Rüdiger

When exceptional effort is transformed into wood craftsmanship and combined with a Scandinavian sensibility, the result is bound to be stunning. This is the creative starting point for Yacht, which is now presented in a circular version, as a perfectly stylish centrepiece in the living room, office and everywhere else in between.