Imagine a breathing space in your everyday life. A refuge, and a place where you can enjoy relaxation and contemplation. All the sofas in our new collection are inspired by the tranquil nuances of nature, pure materials and designed to create cohesive luxurious and beautiful spaces. Sit back, put your everyday life on hold and explore our new sofas and classics that welcome new modules, versions and interpretations.

Recover Sofa: Designed by Glismand & Rüdiger

Imagine a sofa, so sustainable that it could last forever. A sofa transcending time and taste, and not indulging in fleeting tendencies. A sofa with the humbling mission to outlive generations, changing seasons and alternating needs.

Paste Series: Designed by BÖTTCHER & KAYSER

The German design duo, BÖTTCHER & KAYSER, have designed Paste. A series of sofas, armchairs and poufs, offering an elegant yet contrasting design language.

Chloe Sofa Bed: Designed by Hertel & Klarhoefer

Make some room for spontaneity, expected and unexpected guests during the week, and at weekends, too. The Chloe sofa has lovely rounded edges, meticulous, emphasised stitching and a contemporary look with a real slatted bed frame that is just as inviting to sit on as it is to sleep on.

Pleat Dining Sofa: Designed by Steffensen & Würtz

The Pleat series, which originally started with the Pleat dining chair, is now being introduced in a dining sofa that features the same beautiful, elegant drapes, creating a luxurious and inviting backdrop around the dining table.

Cosima Sofa elements: Designed by kaschkasch

The classic and iconic Cosima modular sofa is now available in new modules that invite you on creative adventures and discovery.

Frank Dining Sofa: Designed by e-ggs

Frank features a beautiful curved silhouette and is moulded to create a lightness and inviting comfort that will last for years. A beautiful design for both private homes and public spaces, which creates a luxurious and durable backdrop with effortless elegance.

Jerome with Removable Back Cushion: Designed by kaschkasch

The Jerome modular sofa is now also available with a removable back cushion, making it easy for you to change the look, function and comfort. This practical and beautiful design gives the Jerome module a whole new functionality as an elegant daybed.

Our collection is inspired by nature, created for contemplation and to offer a tranquil breathing space. That's why the colours are so calm and the furniture fabrics are so invitingly soft and sustainable. Discover them all here.

Noora Sofa: Designed by Bolia Design Team

Our popular modular sofa, Noora, is now available in new, beautiful colours and upholstery fabrics. Discover, among other things, Noora in the new fabrics, Linea and Sydney Traceable, as well as the luxurious bouclé fabric, Monza. All offering a natural and appealing colour palette that ranges from light beige and moss green to dark grey.

Cosima Sofa: Designed by kaschkasch

We're now introducing Cosima in brand new colours and upholstery fabrics. These include the distinctive and playful upholstery fabric, Globa, in a gorgeous moss-green colour that is reminiscent of a soft and dewy forest floor.

Lomi Sofa. Designed by Meike Harde

Our new collection introduces new colours and upholstery fabrics, shown here in the elegant sofa Lomi upholstered in the new, exclusive Sydney Traceable leather, which is a 100% traceable leather from Australia.

How to choose the perfect sofa

We delve into the size, material selection, colours, fabrics, models and much more. Meaning you can easily choose and create your perfect sofa with just a few considerations.

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